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An online credit recording facility for monitoring purposes.The system enables users to check and confirm the ACTIVE membership status of parties concerned.This facility is an easy and free platform for all active PPL members. Check it out now!

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Log Online Partners


A Financial Protection Fund : collective, cooperative, collaborative and unified fund contribution by the members for the members. Check it now!

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Log Online Partners

PPL E-Wallet

Our PPL digital wallet is an easy payment utility where active members can easily and securely fund, use and manage settlements within the networks. Easy to use, safe and secure, fast and can save you on multiple bank cable charges. Check it out now!

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Thank you Koen and everyone in PPL One Family for an excellent conference which was wonderfully planned.

We waited so long for this and worth for it, yes? It's been great to get chance seeing each other again. Thank you PPL Team! Stay safe and see you in Bali.

It was amazing to see everyone after 2 years. PPL has always been fabulous! Koen Roeyers and Team has been outstanding and raised the bar.

Thank you PPL Team for organizing such wonderful event with such quality and to have keep it alive and active during the pandemic.

This was my first time in PPL, it felt like one big family very quickly! Thank you PPL Team.

It was an amazing meeting. Thank you PPL!

What a legend! Thank you for creating the platform wherewe can meet our partners in business, friends and connections.

Congratulations and thank you to all the PPL Team for organising another excellent Conference. It was a great success and so nice to be able to see our partners and friends face to face again after so long, so important to build both new and old relationships. See you again in Bali!

I would like to thank each of you for being such an amazing member of this family and it really feels great to be among the best people network in the world! The experience we had with this conference was simply beyond expectations and special thanks to the administration team and especially Koen for getting the job done in awesome manner.

It was so exciting to meet with all of you spending amazing time and moments together. The event is a real success. The Power of Networking!

Amazing time with business partners and friends, after two long years not being able to attend conferences face-to-face.

Thank you PPL Networks and Koen Roeyers for the great organization at Dubai, for PPL Middle East Meet. It was great being together, turned back with fruitful meetings and looking forward to the next conference.

I had the great honor to be a part of 'PPL Middle East Meet 2022.' It was a preparation well done as this event gave me so much serotonin and a boost for the work I had always loved doing, interacting with people.