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At PPL we are One Family bringing you the Power of Networking with dedicated global presence in over 120 countries.

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An online credit recording facility for monitoring purposes.The system enables users to check and confirm the ACTIVE membership status of parties concerned.This facility is an easy and free platform for all active PPL members. Check it out now!

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A Financial Protection Fund : collective, cooperative, collaborative and unified fund contribution by the members for the members. Check it now!

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Our PPL digital wallet is an easy payment utility where active members can easily and securely fund, use and manage settlements within the networks. Easy to use, safe and secure, fast and can save you on multiple bank cable charges. Check it out now!

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It's been great to see all my friends. Looking forward for Bangkok. Thanks to Koen and Merlyn and PPL Team!

Thanks to Koen and PPL Team for arranging a fantastic conference, so good to be back seeing so many old and new faces. See you all in Bangkok!

PPL meetings has always been an amazing opportunity to meet amazing people around the world. Just like that, this year's conference was again with no doubt and incredible chance enabling us to grow, flourish and learn together. Thank you Koen and PPL Team for managing the conference.

This was my first PPL meeting and I found new partners and friends. Next meeting in Bangkok, I won't be the new one anymore! See you again!

The conference has been a great experience. It was an opportunity to meet many of my old friends and even meet new partners around the world. I am excited to meet you all again soon in Thailand.

I would like to remark and thank PPL Team, for the amazing conference that you have hosted in Bali. One of the best conferences I have ever been. It is always nice to meet old and new partners and friends in such amazing, funny and professional atmosphere. See you all in Thailand!

It was a very great conference. It was amazing to meet so many new agents, but above all, to see old friends that we haven't met for many years. But all this was not possible if there was not this strong PPL Team and this wonderful organizational mind of Koen. GRAZIE MILLE for this perfect conference. See you in Bangkok!

It was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make many new ones. I am sure that everyone kept wonderful memories from this convention. Till the next one!

It was great to be able to catch up again with old buddies, but as well with new ones, this especially after this 2 years of "forced pit stop". Thank God we've been able to find you all well and sound. Thanks Koen, Merlyn and Team for all patronage & usual care taken.

Thanks to Koen and PPL Team for a well-organized conference. It was an amazing conference and I am happy to meet old and new friends after pandemic.

Thank you for this time. It has been fantastic! Have met a lot of old friends and new ones have come. Special thanks to Koen for a fantastic arrangement and unforgettable conference. See you all soon!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our courtesy and express our special thanks to Koen and his lovely wife and all PPL Team and respected sponsors for arranging an amazing and great conference and fantastic hospitality in Bali. It was nice and our great pleasure to meet all these good and respected members and lovely faces. See you again in Bangkok!

I would like to thank Koen and his team for putting up a wonderful show. We'd also like to thank all our partners with whom we met. Trust all your meetings would bring you much needed success.